DallasChocolate.org Awards 3rd Annual Scholarship to Aspiring Pastry Student

Monique Conejo 2014 DallasChocolate.org Scholarship Recipient

DallasChocolate.org is pleased to announce Monique Conejo as the recipient of the 2014 DallasChocolate.org Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded annually to a deserving Collin College student pursuing a degree in pastry arts. Scholarship recipients must have records of academic success and demonstrate an interest in chocolate.

Monique is currently pursuing associate degrees in culinary
arts and pastry arts at Collin College. She has a passion for
cooking and plans to one day be a well-known name in the
industry ultimately owning a small chain of culturally diverse
restaurants that reflect her background and interests.
The DallasChocolate.org Scholarship is funded by proceeds
from the annual Dallas Chocolate Festival. This is the third
year that DallasChocolate.org has been able to offer the
scholarship. The recipient of the award the previous two years
was Emily Huynh.

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