Friday, September 6

VIP Night – 6PM-9PM

*21 and up only
Enjoy exclusive access to dozens of exhibitors offering unique chocolates to sample and purchase. Delight in chocolate-themed light bites from top local chefs and complimentary drinks.

Saturday, September 7

Main Event: 10:00AM – 5:00PM

Exclusive Experiences – Experiences are individually ticketed.
Cheese + Chocolate Pairing – 11:00AM |
Tantalize your taste buds when you combine the rich, velvety flavors of fine chocolate with the creamy, savory notes of artisanal cheeses. You’ll learn the secrets of pairing different types of chocolates with a variety of cheeses, exploring how their distinct flavors complement and enhance each other.
Wine + Chocolate Pairing – 1:00PM |
Elevate your palate and enjoy the perfect harmony of wine and chocolate. In this experience, you’ll sample a curated selection of fine wines and premium chocolates while learning the secrets to matching flavors.
Mezcal + Chocolate Pairing – 3:00PM |
Discover the perfect balance between the bold, smoky notes of mezcal and the rich, decadent flavors of fine chocolates.

Class Schedule:
11:00AM | Truffles with Chef Alessia from CHOCOLATL
12:00PM | Chocolate Painting with Wacacao Chocolate
1:00PM | Coffee and Chocolate talk with Shannon Neffendork of Oak Cliff Coffee
1:00PM | Tempering 101 with Guittard
4:00PM | Kids Teaching Kids with 5Mile Chocolate

Sunday, September 8

Main Event: 11:00AM – 3:00PM

Exclusive Experiences – Experiences are individually ticketed.
Bean to Bar – 1:00-5:00PM *Experience will take place offsite at the 5Mile Chocolate kitchen | Dive into the delicious world of chocolate making with the Bean to Bar Class! Discover the journey of cacao beans from their origins to becoming the rich, decadent chocolate bars we love.

Class Schedule:
2:00PM | Chocolate Treats with The Touring Chocolatier