Dallas Chocolate Festival FAQs

  • 1.Event FAQs
  • Why are there 4 specific times?

    To ensure that attendees have a pleasant experience, and so the vendors can keep their samples fairly distributed through the festival.

  • What happens if I'm late. It's hard to know this early what time would be best for me but I will see as we get closer.

    Your ticket time is the earliest you can gain access to the vendor hall. However, you will have all-day access to the onsite demonstrations, and access to the food trucks.

  • For a family of 4 it's $60 - that might be fine, but I don't want to go just to eat a lot of chocolate. What all happens there?
    We appreciate that it's not inexpensive and we try to provide good value by running the event with minimal overhead, etc. These are the top chocolatiers in town and a lot of the out-of-town guests are bringing things you can't get locally. If you were to get the number of chocolates you'll eat directly from the shops themselves you'd definitely be paying more than the ticket price.
    You're also able to attend a full day of chocolate classes / demos onsite taught by top local chocolatiers and experts.
  • I like the VIP idea, but 9 am is way too early for me on a Saturday.

    Some of our attendees appreciate coming early and sampling chocolates in a less crowded room. They also enjoy the extras that are in the VIP goodie bag and like the idea of picking up a festival t-shirt at the event. If you don't want to eat a ton of chocolate for breakfast you're welcome to take home your samples in one of the candy boxes that we provide. If you're a later riser, we'll have the same chocolatiers and chocolate makers throughout the day, so even if you come later in the day you'll have similar opportunities for chocolate.

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14 thoughts on “Dallas Chocolate Festival FAQs”

  1. I have a question about the chocolate samples. Can I take them home to enjoy through the coming week? I’m diabetic but I love chocolate! I can indulge a bit, and this will be a fun thing to do with my husband on our 33rd wedding anniversary (September 12, 1982.

  2. You’re welcome to take home any samples you don’t finish as well as any chocolates you’ve purchased from our great vendors.

  3. Hello, When will the date for the 2016 Dallas Chocolate Festival be announced? Thanks!

  4. I saw that food trucks will be on the premise. Are guests allowed to bring outside food/drinks for lunch?

  5. That’s fine as long as the food doesn’t come into the main hall where the chocolate vendors are. There are nice tables and a courtyard in the shade just outside the doors to the venue.

  6. Usually the event sells out and tickets are only available in advance. We’ll let you know on our Facebook page or this website if we have any last-minute tickets available at the door.

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