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There were some great chocolatey moments at this year’s Dallas Chocolate Conference & Festival. Here’s a rundown of our Top 10 in no particular order:


For years we’ve been bringing chocolate makers to town for the Dallas Chocolate Conference & Festival. Over the years we’ve brought some of the best chocolate makers in the country like Art Pollard (Amano Artisan Chocolate), Shawn Askinosie (Askinosie Chocolate), Alan McClure (Patric Chocolate), Colin Gasko (Rogue Chocolatier), Steve DeVries (DeVries Chocolate), and more. Our not-so-secret dream was that all that knowledge would finally rub off onto someone a little closer to home.

Well, this year we finally got a local chocolate maker: Sublime Chocolate.


sublime bar

Bean-to-Bar Chocolate from Sublime
(click picture to see the next moment)

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