Classes 2011


DallasChocolate.org Chocolate Conference 2011 — Classes

10:00 am   Chocolatiers Roundtable — All Participating Chocolatiers

A free-flowing discussion with all the exhibiting chocolatiers and special guests. Learn about the chocolatier’s inspirations and what makes their chocolates so special. Bring your questions!

11:00 am   Chocolate Makers’ Panel

Art Pollard (Founder & Owner, Amano Artisan Chocolate) & Shawn Askinosie (Founder & Owner, Askinosie Chocolate) will discuss the finer aspects of creating fine chocolate. Moderated by Clay Gordon (TheChocolateLife).

12:00 noon  Baked Chocolate Desserts — Joe Garza (Executive Pastry Chef of the Adolphus and the French Room)

Learn how one of the best pastry chefs in the city at one of the best restaurants in the city creates a unique, chocolaty dessert. (And we’re not adding in all those bests just because the Adolphus is a sponsor.)

1:00 pm   Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Chocolate with Clay Gordon

Bring your questions, no matter how complex or silly. Clay Gordon, who literally wrote the book on chocolate (Discover Chocolate, 2007), will certainly have an answer.

2:00 pm   Chocolate Making 101 — Shawn Askinosie (founder of Askinosie Chocolate)

Learn how fine chocolate goes from bean to bar from Shawn Askinosie. From a career as a defense lawyer to an American chocolate innovator to founder of the Chocolate University, Askinosie has lead a life of unique challenges and opportunity. Learn about his newest passions and his unique chocolate creations.

3:00 pm   A Tour of the Chocolate Shop — Kevin Wenzel (Owner, Wiseman House Chocolates)

What’s the difference between a molded chocolate and an enrobed one? How does a chocolatier get the filling inside a bon bon? Kevin Wenzel will answer these questions as he does a “show and tell” of the tools of a chocolatier.

4:00 pm   The Mystique of Chocolate Plastique — Michele Brown (Pastry Professor, Collin College & Owner, Michele Brown Baking)

Demo will include making the chocolate plastique (modeling chocolate) and using it as a topping for a cake and cupcake. (We’re also betting on some tasty samples!) Chef Brown was the 2010 Texas Chef’s Association’s Pastry Chef of the Year.


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