Dallas Chocolate Festival Demonstrations & Lectures

photo credit: Jorge Bodroghy Leite

photo credit: Jorge Bodroghy Leite

The Dallas Chocolate Festival is more than just samples.  Make sure to stop in to some of the lectures and demonstrations that we’ll have going on all day.


Dallas Chocolate Festival Lecture Schedule:

Lectures Hosted by Adrienne Newman (Madame Cocoa)

Located in the Conference Room Classroom
Availability is first come first seated.


Mayoral Proclamation               10:00am

Addison Mayor, Todd Meier, will make a “Day of Chocolate” proclamation, and then learn the art of tasting fine chocolate with the Festival’s own Madame Cocoa.


Chocolate Making for Tinkerers           11:00am

Ben Rasmussen of Potomac Chocolate is nationally recognized as a trailblazer in the field of small-batch bean-to-bar chocolate. When you’re out in front, oftentimes the equipment you need simply doesn’t exist. So, time and again Rasmussen has created it. Come to this presentation to learn about the hurdles he’s faced, and the equipment hacks he’s developed over the years to succeed.


The New Faces of Chocolate            Noon

Learn the stories behind some of the Dallas Chocolate Festival’s newest vendors. The discussion will be moderated by Madame Cocoa, and will introduce panelists including Joana Sundkvist of Gourmet Brigadeiro by Joana, Crave Popcorn, Frankie Valdez of Frankie V’s Kitchen, and Escazu Chocolates.


The “Art” of Chocolate Sourcing (aka: Where in the world is Art Pollard?)             1:00pm

Every bar of Amano Artisan Chocolate comes with a story. It’s the plantation where the beans were sourced and the loving craftsmanship that goes into creating some of the finest chocolate in the world. And as stories of far off travels go, Art Pollard’s got a million of ‘em. Enjoy his tales of his most interesting and important adventures the world over in search of perfect cocoa pods.


Revenge of the Chocolate Nerds!               2:00pm

Dr. Romi Burks is an Associated Professor of Biology at Southwestern University where she teaches a class about the wonders of chocolate. She’ll explain why the science of chocolate matters, and what that means to chocolate enthusiasts everywhere.


Chocolate Trivia               3:00pm

In a first for the Dallas Chocolate Festival, we’ll be hosting an audience participation trivia contest. Moderated by Madame Cocoa, this promises to be a sweet end to the day. So put on your thinking cap and come on down: we’ll have facts, fun, and some great prizes.



Dallas Chocolate Festival Demonstration Schedule:

Demonstrations Hosted by DFW’s Favorite Foodie, Stacy Fawcett

Located in the Stone Cottage at the Addison Conference Centre
Availability is first come first seated.


Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Making                        11:00am

Chocolate making experts Troy Easton of Allen’s own Sublime Chocolate and Bob Williamson of Austin favorite Srsly Chocolate will demonstrate how to turn raw cacao beans into delicious chocolate bars.


Don’t Lose Your Temper with Chocolate                        Noon

Tempering chocolate is fussy business, but it’s also the key to making perfect, beautiful chocolate treats. In this session, Kevin Wenzel from Wiseman House Chocolates will demonstrate easy and painless ways to temper chocolate, perfectly, every time.


Flourless Chocolate S’mores Cake             1:00pm

The pastry chefs from local bakery Haute Sweets Patisserie will teach the audience how to make a simple and delicious S’mores cake. Yum!


Fall Chocolate Desserts                        2:00pm

David Collier, Executive Pastry Chef of Knife Dallas and Oak, will bring his enthusiasm and expertise to this dessert making class. Attendees will be treated to a showcase of fall desserts that are made with fine chocolate.