Classes 2012

10:00 am   Chocolatiers Roundtable — All Participating Chocolatiers

A free-flowing discussion with all the exhibiting chocolatiers. Learn about each chocolatier’s inspirations and what makes their chocolates so special. This year there are literally more chocolatiers participating than will fit on a stage!

Please note that chocolatiers & classes are subject to change.

Mistress of Ceremonies for the Chocolate Academy is Adrienne Newman (Madame Cocoa).

DallasChocolate.org Chocolate Conference & Festival 2012
September 29, 2012 at the Addison Conference Centre
Dallas' finest chocolatiers and a full day of chocolate education

12:00 noon   Technical Chocolate — Colin Gasko (Rogue Chocolatier)

Acclaimed chocolate maker, Colin Gasko, been known to spend days figuring out exactly how many microns each particle of chocolate should be. If you want to understand more about the technical aspects of conching or just what details go into making excellent fine chocolate come and listen. Expect some chocolate samples!

2:00 pm   Chocolate Makers’ Roundtable — All Participating Chocolate Makers

This year’s Chocolate Conference features chocolate makers who have managed to start up successful chocolate companies in a relatively short time. We’ll talk about what it takes to get started making chocolate and what lessons the chocolate makers have learned along the way. Chocolate makers include Art Pollard (Amano Artisan Chocolate); Colin Gasko (Rogue Chocolatier); Scott Moore, Jr. (Tejas Chocolate); and Ben Rasmussen (Potomac Chocolate).

4:00 pm   Baking With Fine Chocolate — Zach Townsend

For those who prefer their chocolate as part of a nice ganache or flourless chocolate cake, come on in and watch as Zach Townsend explains how to work with the good stuff. Zach is an expert at creating luxurious chocolate cakes and French style desserts. Learn a trick or two from a man who can easily create (and pronounce — he also translates French cookbooks) treats such as the Sumatra Tarte, Gianduja Hazelnut Praline Layer Cake, and Petites Framboise Tortes.

3:00 pm   Three Barks in 30 Minutes — Sue Williams (Dr. Sue’s Chocolate)

As a practicing physician, Dr. Sue knows a thing or two about health. Her barks feature a variety of wholesome ingredients paired with dark fine chocolate. Learn how to get started making simple chocolate barks and how to take your homemade treats to the next level.

1:00 pm   The Chocolate Shop – Old vs New — Katherine Clapner (Dude, Sweet Chocolate)

                                                                               & Eric Case (Valrhona)

Katherine Clapner is known for her modern takes on traditional chocolates (try her “Fungus Amongus” made of porcini mushroom & pumpkin seed toffee) but what happened when she spent a week in France at storied chocolate maker Valrhona?

11:00 am   Creative Chocolate Molds — Andrea Pedraza (CocoAndré Chocolatier)

Molding chocolate into bars, Santa Clauses, Easter bunnies, and literally thousands of other items has been the life work of chocolatier Andrea Pedraza. Watch the master in action and get tips for doing it on your own.